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The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s

sub station is located

in the Community Association complex

948 Cherry Hills Drive 

Phone: (813) 242-5515  672-7817

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JUNE  2014  

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Sun City Center 

Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office Web Site:      Great source of general information on the Sheriff's Department and other links.


Sexual Predators Registry:  First enter the FDLE Site:
At the Home Page find and click on "Sexual Predator/Offender Registry" (on the right hand side), then click on "Click Here", then enter just the Zip Code you are interested in searching - such as "33573", and then click "Submit". It will then display the names, addresses, and pictures of all registered sexual predators and sexual offenders in that zip code area, which is Public Record Information under Florida Law.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving: Information on MADD's efforts on preventing drunk driving and ways you can get involved.
The Hillsborough County Chapter is at:

Florida Highway
Good resource for safety issues, information on Victims Advocate Office, and - to save yourself a hefty ticket - information on the "Move Over Act", which requires you to "move over" or "slow down" when approaching an authorized emergency vehicle that is stopped on a Florida highway.  Also provides access to "Amber Alert".

FTC National "Do Not Call" Registry:
This is the Federal Trade Commission's official site to enter your telephone numbers on the "Do Not Call" list.  All you need provide them is your telephone # and e-mail address.  Once you submit your information they will send you an e-mail within which you will have to open a link (click on an address) to confirm the process.  Remember that telemarketers have up to 3 months to remove you from their calling lists.  Many people are registering their cell phone numbers, as most major phone companies are compiling lists of cell phone numbers for 411"purposes, and there is the concern these may get into the hands of telemarketers.  Note: In lieu of going to their web site, you can call the Do Not Call Registry to register a phone number.  Call  1-888-382-1222  from the phone you wish to register.

Identity Theft Resource Center:
The Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC) is a nonprofit, nationally respected program dedicated exclusively to identity theft.  It provides consumer and victim support and advises governmental agencies, legislators and companies about this evolving and growing crime.

Sheriff’s Deputy Jason Castillo was born and raised in the Ruskin area and continues to live in the southern end of Hillsborough County.  He graduated from East Bay High School and then from Saint Leo University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice. 

He has been with the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office since January 2005.  He began his tenure at the Sheriff's Office as a street deputy and moved into the Homeland Security Division where he spent six years.  He was then selected as the Community Resource Deputy for Sun City Center.  He has embraced this new role and is excited about being a part of the community and dealing with any issues which may arise. 

He said “I try to spend my time out in the community and not just sitting behind the desk.  I didn't take this position to sit in the office and answer the phones, there is a lot more to this position. One of the biggest Community complaints is traffic violations and I will be dealing with these violations. However, I place just as much of an emphasis on deterring criminal activity, reinforcing Sun City Centers low crime record and promoting safety to the citizens in Sun City Center.

Other discussion points:

Theft: 1000 block of Cypress Village Blvd.

(Construction site)

    Between 05/30/2014 and 6/03/2014 at a unknown time the unknown suspect(s) removed a diesel pump and diesel fuel (500 gallons) from the construction site by unknown means. The suspect(s) fled undetected.


Theft:  2200 block of Worthington Greens Dr.- Kings Point

   Between 6/4/14 and 6/15/14 at unknown times the victims hand gun went missing from his residence. It is unknown at this time how the suspect obtained access to the residence or obtained the gun.


Theft:  4445 Sun City Center Blvd.-Winn Dixie parking lot.

   On 6/29/14 at 1332 hours, the victim while placing groceries into her vehicle her purse was in her shopping cart at the rear of her vehicle. Unknown suspect(s) stopped in their vehicle while passing the victims shopping cart. The suspect(s) then exited their  vehicle and removed the victims purse from her shopping cart. The suspect(s) then fled to an unknown location in their small silver four door vehicle.


Theft:  Florida Sleep Disorder Center-

   Between 06/25/14 at 2000 hours and 6/26/14 at 0730 hours, unknown suspect(s) removed the victims tailgate from his pickup truck by unknown means. The suspect(s) then fled to an unknown location. 

Deputy Jason Castillo discussed his June 2014 Crime Report (above) and further elaborated on theft:


Fuel Theft – After reporting on the construction site fuel theft, Jason mentioned that there was a fuel theft ring operating about year ago that would pull up to the pump and fill their vehicles up in modified fuel tanks using stolen credit cards.  They would then sell the fuel from their residences.  The Sheriff Department was able to shut down this ring.


Purse TheftLadies Beware! Leaving your purse in a shopping cart is an opportunity for thieves.  Whether in the store, on the way to your vehicle or when you are unloading your cart, make sure your purse is secured at all times. 


Vehicle Parts Theft – The theft of a tailgate is not that uncommon as one might think.  Many are removed for resale and also for the price of the metal.  Some of the newer vehicles have tailgate locks and should be kept locked at all times.


Next meeting – August 13, 2014,  9:00 – 10:00 am.

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