Sun City Center Security Patrol, Inc.​

​1225 N. Pebble Beach Blvd, Sun City Center FL 33573


Volunteers make it happen!.


  • What are some of the benefits of becoming a Patrol member? 

    ​There are many benefits to being a SCC Security Patrol member. There are numerous social functions throughout the year for members. Perhaps the best benefit of being a member is helping an unknown stranger or possibly your neighbor in a time of need. The opportunity to do something inherently meaningful is by far the most rewarding aspect of being a Patrol member!

  • How can I get help if I need it while on patrol?

    All of our Patrol vehicles are equipped with two-way radios connecting you with a Patrol Dispatcher and with all other patrol cars in service.  If you ever need assistance, the Dispatcher will request assistance from the Captain of the day, Chief of Patrol or the Sheriff's Department.

  • I'm a "Snowbird" and only live in SCC for 6 months a year.  Can I still join the Patrol?

    Most certainly.  The Patrol always has need for additional help.  Our Seasonal Members provide welcome respite for our Year Round Members.

  • My night-time vision is not very good.  Can I drive in the daylight hours only? 

    Yes, your shift can be arranged so that you don't do any night driving.

  • I'm not comfortable driving.  Can I still be of assistance? 

    Yes.  We have many people that would prefer not to drive.  They too are most welcome, as we like having two Patrol Members in our vehicles.  The "rider" serves as a second set of eyes, and can handle the 2-way radio communication.  We also need Patrol Members to perform dispatcher duties, which involves no driving.

  • I would like to join the Patrol, but need to travel out of state on a schedule that can vary. Can I still be an asset to the Security Patrol?

    Yes.  In a perfect world every one would be able to make their scheduled shift assignment all the time.  In reality, things come up.  If you know with some certainty the times of the month you "typically" are away, your Team Assignment can be established to best accommodate that schedule.  In addition, many Patrol Members who know they will have to miss a scheduled duty assignment, after notifying their Team Captain of that fact, will help the Patrol by signing up as a replacement driver or dispatcher for a different date to fill-in for someone else who is forced to miss their shift.

  • How much does it cost a person to join the patrol?         

    The patrol does not charge people to become members. The patrol pays the cost of normal training, text materials, and equipment.

  •  I’m not as quick as I was at 30, it may be difficult learning all these new procedures.         

    The average age of our members is around 69 and our classes are structured to accommodate our mature minds and bodies.

  •  How many patrol cars do you have?         

    We dispatch to five patrol cars.
  • What is your biggest need ?          

    Volunteers – Drivers and dispatchers is an ongoing priority, as well as administrative help.

  •  I'm concerned about my safety.  How safe is it to be a Patrol Member? 

    While nothing in life is guaranteed, the Patrol has an outstanding record of safety.  Our strict procedures dictate that you only "observe and report" an activity - not become "involved" in it.  In fact, you may only exit your car when the Dispatcher authorizes it, and that would never be done in a potentially dangerous situation.


Sun City Center Security Patrol Will Try To Answer All Of Your Questions 

Here is a list of frequently asked questions. If you do not see your question, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to provide you with the best answer.