We Need Your Help!

As part of maintaining the Sun City Center Security Patrol, we are asking our residents to become part of our volunteer Security Patrol.

What Is A Security Patrol Volunteer?

Volunteers drive around our community, and report suspicious activities/persons to the Sheriff.  The Security Patrol does not confront anyone, it only reports suspicious activities/persons!  Our highly visible (marked) vehicles stating “Security Patrol” alert other homeowners that you are not someone prowling our neighborhood.
As a Security Patrol volunteer you can choose a time and date that you are willing to drive through Sun City Center as many times as you choose in a 3 hour period.
The Hillsborough County Sheriff recently stated neighborhoods have to patrol themselves.  It is up to the residents of SCC to help prevent crime in our neighborhood. The Sun City Center Security Patrol is trying to keep SCC, YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD, safe. 

Why Should I Join The Patrol?

  Just being part of a fun group.  The main reason to join us is to make for a safer neighborhood.  Yes, we already pay taxes and expect police protection, but other neighborhoods with security patrols see reductions in residential crimes of over 50% since starting a similar patrol.  It is a fact of life that we don't have enough police officers to enable quick response to crimes occurring in our area.  Joining the Security Patrol is a way for Sun City Center residents to help prevent crime in our neighborhood.

 Sign Up To Be A Security Patrol Volunteer.

Contact the patrol at 642-2020

Download the membership application, and return the completed application to the Security Patrol Headquarters at 1225 N Pebble Beach Boulevard.

New Patrol Member Orientations are typically held twice monthly. 

 Reserve your spot today!

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